[ENG] Podcast She Speaks Sport with Lauren Jacobs | 30 ianuarie

On the show, Cristiana shares about her journey into motorsport, which began as something unorthodox and unexpected. While studying architecture and urban planning, she found herself behind the wheel of a rally car and knew her purpose was in motorsport. Using sport to break through gender stereotypes, Cristiana shares with us about her platform Femei in Motorsport, which highlights the contributions and work of fellow female racing drivers in the history of Romania. Taking us deep in to her experiences of bullying, sexism and the impact this has had on her life and her mental health, Cristiana’s openness on this reality is a story shared by many women in sport and one that needs to be spoken about. Cristiana imparts the wisdom she has learnt through her challenges and the decisions she had to make to succeed beyond the impact of bullying. Touch the inspirational story of rallying through Cristiana’s eyes and experience the truth about being a woman in sport.

Dată apariție: 30 ianuarie 2024

Sursă: She Speaks Sport