[INT] Opel Motorsport – Women shine in ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup | 27 iulie 2023

The pioneering rally project also impresses with gender diversity. Three female drivers competing in the all-electric rally series.

Cristiana Oprea has a completely different background: The 31-year-old from Bucharest only climbed into the cockpit of a rally car for the first time at the age of 21 – in her role as a public relations specialist. “I was hooked straight away, and I wanted to find out if I could do it too,” said the Romanian. By participating in the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup, Oprea sees herself as an ambassador for women in racing: “Motorsport is one of the few sports in which women and men have the same conditions. Gender is irrelevant during the competition, and I also feel privileged to represent and inspire women in motorsport.”

Oprea’s overall opinion on the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup speaks for itself. “It is a fantastic racing series! The men and women at the top are incredibly talented and really fast, which also helps me to keep improving. I love the rallies, the sporting spirit and the cooperative, friendly atmosphere in the cup,” she said.

Dată apariție: 27 iulie 2023