Being a Walero ambassador & how it all started

Two years ago I discovered Walero – a brand I first heard of in the FIA Women in Motorsport community. I loved the concept and the technology behind their revolutionary temperature regulating racewear and the fact that they really stood out from the crowd. And of course, I loved that a fellow woman driver was behind all of it – Fiona James – so their design approach was also gender inclusive, a factor I care about when choosing my rally equipment.

So I simply wrote my story in a pitch email and hit Send, not necessarily expecting they will reply to an East-European driver with only so much experience after only 2 full rally seasons, but with high hopes of competing in the FIA ERC – European Rally Championship. I was so wrong! 

The team replied right after New Year’s Eve saying they would like me to become one of their ambassadors and support me in my rally career. It was such a dream moment which taught me true passion and interest are some of the biggest assets you need when building partnerships in motorsport!

Since then I flew over to UK at the beginning of every year for the annual Walero ambassador day – I would wake up at 3 or 4am to catch the morning flight to London, spend the day shooting and talking about racing, then take the evening flight back home to Bucharest. Exhausting, but so satisfying!

For me it’s such a thrilling experience because I got the chance to meet some amazing drivers with all kind of different experiences in motorsport. I learn so much from this beautiful athlete community and the insights I get about international motorsport and women in motorsport worldwide, the concept I promote & care about so much, are simply priceless.

Of course, this wouldn’t have meant anything if the actual products weren’t as good as they promise to be. Long story short, it’s simply amazing to feel how the supersoft fabric stores the excess heat of my body – 15 minutes after I took my top off, the fabric was still hotter than room temperature ! This is the result of Outlast, a technology originally developed by NASA – the idea is it doesn’t just pull away sweat from the skin, it actually controls the temperature of your body when racing, so you’ll sweat less. And if it sounds too good to be true, just check out these numbers from this comparative test – 0.2kg less sweat, 8bmp less and a 0.6 degree body temperature change versus 1.5 degrees!

Also, the fabric is like no other on the market because it’s not made out of classic Nomex, but of a fibre called Protal which is permanently flame retardant and it exceeded the test criteria for FIA and SFI homologations. Last but not least, the Walero racewear has Envirotech coating, a hospital grade anti-microbial treatment. If I made you curious enough, you can check out all of the technical details on their website, here.

Thanks to its design, top is longer at the back, which helps when you have to spend a lot of time in the car because it prevents the material to bulk up or move up inside the race suit. Physical comfort should never be an issue while racing, so instead of thinking about the heat inside the rally car or sweat running down my face, I was able to focus better on my driving – this is why you really #GetTheEdge while wearing Walero.

Heading into 2021 with plans & budget more solid than ever, I can firmly say that Walero really improved my performance in these last two years – and I can’t wait to see what’s next! #WeAreWalero 

And if you want to be a Walero athlete too, send them your pitch to  – entries close on 4/1/2021 16:00 GMT – #DriveYourCourage and give it your best shot!

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